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Recount shows Holmes defeating Myhrom by two votes

Recount shows Holmes defeating Myhrom by two votes

Rochester Ward 1 candidate Heather Holmes hung on to her spot on the November ballot following a recount today — but not by much.

Challenger Paul Myhrom, who finished third in the primary, had requested a recount after initial results showed him losing to Holmes by five votes. 

Election judges gathered in a Mayo Civic Center conference room for nearly eight hours Tuesday to re-tally 3,443 votes one by one.

At the end of the day, Myhrom picked up three votes to finish at 933. But it was not enough. Holmes's vote total went unchanged, remaining at 935.

Holmes is slated to face off against first-place finisher Patrick Keane in November's general election for Rochester City Council Ward 1.

Myhrom, a longtime local business owner, previously served on the council in the early 1990s. He ran a campaign pledging to bring "conservative values and fiscal responsibility" to city government.

The Ward 1 race is one of two being contested this week. Tomorrow judges will recount votes in Rochester Ward 5, which was decided by 18 votes.

Update: Judy Hickey will move on to the general election in Ward 5.

Cover photo: Heather Holmes

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