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P-B without Jay

P-B without Jay

Longtime news editor Jay Furst is no longer with the Post-Bulletin.

Furst announced his departure from the paper via Facebook Wednesday morning. He did not give a reason for his exit, only saying "today's the first day of a bright new chapter for me, just need to find the page number."

The move comes amid a shakeup at the Post-Bulletin, the largest media company in southeast Minnesota. About a month ago, the Post-Bulletin named Ken Nelson its new publisher. Since then, five employees have left or been let go, according to a source close to the situation. 

It was not clear how the newsroom — which has already lost a number of other veteran reporters over the past year — would be affected by the changeover. Furst, who most recently served as the executive editor, played a significant role in shaping the local conversation. His responsibilities included moderating debates and writing editorials on behalf of the paper.

Reached by phone Wednesday, Nelson declined to discuss the situation.

The newspaper industry has been reeling in recent years over the loss of key revenue sources. Nationwide, print subscriptions and advertising sales are on the decline as consumers shift toward digital platforms.

The financial woes of running a paper caught up to the Rochester news leader in 2016 when they were forced to lay off 11 workers at once. The Post-Bulletin now has 104 employees, according to its website.

Cover photo: Post-Bulletin headquarters in downtown Rochester

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