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'Thank you' — from the crew at Grand Rounds

'Thank you' — from the crew at Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds. What a strange name. Why that name? It has taken me years to really articulate the depth of the name and what it has come to mean to us as an organization. I am not going to lie, initially the name was a bit tongue in cheek considering where we live and we figured 3 Shields Brewing wouldn’t have been well received.

However, as we’ve really gotten a chance to grow into our skin as a new business within Rochester, Grand Rounds has become a bit of a mantra. The term “Grand Rounds” originated as part of medical training, a gathering, where new information was taught and clinical reasoning skills were enhanced. Grand rounds today are an integral part of education. Students present clinical problems in medicine by focusing on current or interesting cases. They are also sometimes utilized to share new research information. Thousands of people in Rochester – doctors, nurses, therapists, students and others have attended medical grand rounds. We wanted to offer another kind of Grand Rounds where people could gather and converse while enjoying locally crafted beer and delicious food. No medical credentials required.

Photo by Alexandre Mayeur

Rochester, and Southern Minnesota as a whole, has given us a chance to be part of this community in ways that we never dreamed possible. By creating something here –beer – we’re able to showcase a piece of our area. By having a product and a space we are able to help connect others with all sorts of talent, time and education. Helping to raise money and awareness for projects and organizations that enhance our community is a pretty cool deal. Plus what’s not to love when you have good people and great beer working together to solve a problem together? Kind of sounds like a Grand Round to me.

In the last few years we have gotten to be a part of some really Grand projects: The Boys and Girls Club working with the Rochester Home Brewers to make some magic happen. Sharing the History of Beer at the Rochester History Center. Partnering with My Town My Music to promote our music scene. Encouraging minds and play with Rochester Children’s Museum through innovative strategies raising funds. Funding a scholarship through the Rochester Chamber of Commerce for C-tech’s hospitality program. Organizing a beer festival with other local breweries to help support wayward animals. Partnering with the Mayhem, a Rochester soccer team, check. Rochester Girls Hockey, check. Internationally diverse events, check. Free brewery tours with food donations to Channel One, check! Donating spaces within our walls for other Grand Rounds to occur, you betcha! Collaboration is at the top of our list, so sign us up! We have gotten to work with other breweries, cider houses, and of course our neighbor, Café Steam.

We truly believe in giving back and helping out. If we all put our heads together, use our best efforts and really support this amazing community we call home, there is no doubt we can accomplish a heck of a lot of good, while still having fun. Have an idea for an event that fosters community and fun? Give us a shout. We’d love to work with you.

A huge thank you to everyone who has believed in us supported us and helped us to be an authentic and genuine part of the fabric of our little piece of the world. While it may not be fashionable or social media savvy, working quietly behind the scenes and with our community partners to create the city and this culture is what we do, and ultimately create the best Grand Rounds this town has ever seen.

Tessa Leung is the CEO of Grand Rounds Brewing Company

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