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Camp Victory’s 'Building the Dream' capital campaign enters final push

Camp Victory’s 'Building the Dream' capital campaign enters final push

Officials at Camp Victory announce the final push in Phase 3 of their "Building the Dream" capital campaign. Thanks to a generous pledge from the Vic and Phyllis Scott estate, Camp Victory says that it will be able to enlarge its plans, allowing the decades-old Christian camp to serve even more campers and visiting groups.

In recent years, Camp Victory has seen a steady growth, both in the number of children who attend its summer camp sessions, and in the number of adult groups who use the facility as a meeting ground. The camp focuses on providing caring adult role models for children, while exposing adults and children alike to adventure and time with nature. The camp has focused on achieving success by providing visitors with time away from the distractions of the modern world, giving them time to think and reflect on the issues that matter most in life.

 "We've seen a 50% growth in the number of campers over the last 10 years, and a more than tripling of the number of groups looking to use Camp Victory as a meeting place. In fact, we’ve had to turn away 2-3 groups a month, simply because we don’t have the capacity,” said the camp’s executive director, David Nelson.

In the year 2000, Camp Victory embarked on the first phase of its “Building the Dream” plan. Generous donations and volunteer labor allowed the organization to purchase land adjacent to the Zumbro River. Cabins and basic infrastructure were built.

"The camp was founded in the 1940s, but until we began Phase 1 of the capital campaign, the camp had no permanent home,” said Nelson. "That changed 2000. By 2009, we were able launch what we called Phase 2. Phase 2 included two additional cabins, a bathhouse and meeting space, the maintenance facility and several new program areas. The new facilities allowed the camp to increase summer registrations and intensify the retreat program. We were also able to construct a new lodge and gazebo. In 2014, Phase 3 began. We are thankful that God has allowed us the opportunity to continue with these plans."


As each new phase was completed, Nelson points out, the camp was able to move toward greater self-sufficiency. New buildings and expanded capacity mean that Camp Victory will be better able to fund itself through program fees, rather than depending on charitable donations.

“When we started Phase 3, we were getting about 55% of our budget from fees, and depending on our donors for the additional 45%. Our ultimate goal is to have the camp be 90% self-funded by camping programs and retreats,” said Nelson.

 “As we enter the final push of the capital campaign to fund the remaining work,” said Nelson, “we know that we will be able to reach more people to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. We will be able to host retreats for married couples that help them refresh their marriages by deepening their relationship with God. Host events that allow us to reach the wider community and show them the power of the love of Christ through our interactions with them. And, of course, we will be able to host more day camps, offering parents a wholesome, Christ-centered option for their children during the summer.” 

 “The easiest way for people to help is to contribute money or time,” said Steve Dawson, the camp’s development director. “We’ve got a portal on our website where donors can make a safe, secure donation. There are also many volunteer opportunities to be found there.”

About Camp Victory

Camp Victory is a non-denominational Christian camp and retreat center in SE Minnesota. Located on 200 acres of forested, rolling hills and the beautiful Zumbro River, Camp Victory offers a peaceful, natural setting for group meetings for adults and summer camp for kids as well as summer day camp options.  

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