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A few things you oughta snow

A few things you oughta snow

Rochester Public Works is asking for the community’s patience as it continues to clear the snow left behind from the recent blizzard.

❄ Megan Moeller, the department’s communications coordinator, said plow operators have already racked up twice as many overtime hours compared to a typical year. Over the weekend, the city had 43 operators and six support staff working to remove snow from 500 miles of streets.

❄ Despite the efforts, though, snow remains a persistent issue on many roads. Medians made of snow are making visibility tough, and the city advises drivers to keep it slow and to be conscious of cars trying to inch out.

❄ For residents who live near one of the city’s 544 cul-de-sacs, mountains of snow are beginning to reach the heights of some homes. Moeller said they plan to begin removing snow from cul-de-sacs within the next couple of weeks; first, they need to get the snow out of downtown. “We’re itching to get in done,” she said. “We just need Mother Nature to cooperate.”

❄ In the downtown area, notices of “no overnight parking” will remain up through Wednesday morning while crews pick up and haul away snow from the central business district. Just in the downtown alone, Moeller estimates that crews have already hauled away nearly 30,000 cubic yards of snow during the five weather events so far in February.

❄ As you might expect, the city is using more salt than it does in a typical year. The department, however, has been able to restock its salt reserves and Moeller expects they should be OK to get through the rest of winter. Still, many streets remain slippery due to the fact that de-icing chemicals do not work at the low temperatures we are now experiencing.

❄ And finally, a reminder that it is your responsibility to clear the sidewalk in front of you, as well as the area around your mailbox. In the event a plow does hit your mailbox, you can file a report with the city.

Cover photo: A snow mound in the Summit Pointe neighborhood / Brian Olson

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