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Rochester police announce 'Safe City Nights'

Rochester police announce 'Safe City Nights'

The Rochester Police Department will host a series of community engagement events this summer across the city’s six wards.

“Safe City Nights” will provide an opportunity to connect residents with members of law enforcement who patrol their neighborhoods. Each event will take place from 6-8 p.m. and will include free food and activities.

“RPD believes that community engagement is strengthened through strong partnerships that are built through trust, collaboration, and respect,” Police Chief Jim Franklin said in a news release from the city.

The events are a result of several months of planning, according to the department. In addition to law enforcement personnel, the mayor and members of the Rochester City Council will also be on hand.

In sending out information on the events, the city is including invitations in two other commonly-spoken languages, Somali and Spanish:

Kala soo qeyb gal dariskaaga iyo kooxda waaxda booliska ee Rochester habeen cunno iyo wax-qabad lacag la’aan ah.

Júntese con sus vecinos y el equipo del Departamento de Policía de Rochester para una noche de comida y actividades gratuitas.

Dates & Locations

June 4 — East Silver Lake Park (Ward 5)

June 18 — George Gibbs Elementary School (Ward 3)

July 2 — Longfellow Elementary School (Ward 4)

July 16 — Ben Franklin Elementary School (Ward 1)

July 30 — Watson Field (Ward 6)

August 20 — Harriet Bishop Elementary School (Ward 2)

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