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Newsweek names Mayo Clinic the best hospital in the world

Newsweek names Mayo Clinic the best hospital in the world

Each year, U.S. News & World Report ranks the top hospitals in the country. And for the past three years, Mayo Clinic has landed the No. 1 spot.

But, is it the best in the world? Surely, other countries with superior healthcare systems must have hospitals as good, if not better?

Not so fast, says Newsweek.

The magazine — which has been covering healthcare for the better part of nine decades — recently put out its own rankings of the best hospitals on the planet. Lo and behold, there is a familiar name at the top:

The Rochester, Minnesota–based Mayo Clinic has provided patients with comprehensive medical care for over 150 years. Now with centers in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota, as well as over 19 hospitals in five states, its health system serves more than 1.3 million people annually. But it’s the nonprofit’s peerless educational arm, including the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine and 57 research centers, that sets it apart, providing vital innovation for the entire medical community (more than 7,200 peer-reviewed publications to date). That, along with superb patient support, earns the Mayo Clinic Newsweek’s top spot for 2018–19. 

To produce the rankings, Newsweek partnered with Statista Inc., a global market research and consumer data company, and assembled a panel of doctors, medical professionals, and administrators across four continents. 

Cleveland Clinic found itself in a familiar position, coming in second on the list behind Mayo. Singapore General Hospital, Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Berlin-based Charité rounded out the top five.

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Cover photo by William Forsman

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