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Mayo Clinic film now streaming on Netflix

Mayo Clinic film now streaming on Netflix

If you are like me and cut the cord years ago, then you will be pleased to learn that the recent Ken Burns film on Mayo Clinic is now on Netflix.

The two-hour documentary — which premiered on PBS last September — was recently added to the subscription-based streaming service.

Its release on Netflix means 148.8 million subscribers, about 60 million of whom are located in the U.S., will now be able to watch the film anytime (not to mention all of the viewers still using their ex’s password).

We won’t go into all the details of the film now, but you can read our previous reporting on the work of Burns & Co. here and here. You can also follow this link for a review of the film from the Los Angeles Times.

And if you are in a total binge-watching mood this week, be sure to also check out C-SPAN’s recent visit to Rochester. During their time here, they spoke to local historians and authors and visited notable local landmarks, such as Mayowood, Assisi Heights, and the IBM campus. The clips first aired this past weekend and are now available online.

The real patch adams

This last item is not particularly news-worthy, but I figure why not bring it up while we are on the topic of streaming?

Over the weekend, I had the chance to watch Robin Williams play Patch Adams for the dozenth or so time in my life. If you have not seen it, the film tells the true story of a medical student seeking to bring a more compassionate, and oftentimes humorous, approach to medicine.

As it turns out, the real Patch Adams is every bit as colorful as the character portrayed by Williams. I did some poking around on YouTube and found a clip from 2010 in which Adam outlines his vision for healthcare and discusses the work of his nonprofit, the Gesundheit! Institute.

The neat part of all this: The video — which has been viewed more than a half million times — was actually recorded right here in Rochester as part of Mayo’s Transform Conference.

The not-so-neat part: Adams told the crowd that though he was promised the film would help build his hospital, he never saw a dollar from it.

You can watch the full speech below:

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