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Business owner Paul Myhrom campaigning for Ward 1 council seat

Paul Myhrom, owner of Honest Bike Shop, has begun campaigning for the Ward 1 seat on the Rochester City Council. Incumbent Ed Hruska, who has held the seat for 17 non-consecutive years, is not seeking re-election.

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Myhrom could not be reached for comment Wednesday, but was seen handing out campaign flyers Tuesday night at the GOP caucus meeting in Rochester. He previously served on the council from 1993-95.

"When I served the 1st Ward before, I spoke up and got things done," Myhrom says on the flyer. "I didn't just vote no and go down on the losing side of issues, and I proved that I could think on my feet, do the math, and ensure quality projects. In my personal and business life I am accustomed to getting things done."

Myhrom is a lifelong resident of Rochester and veteran of the Air Force. He has owned and operated his downtown bike shop for 34 years.

"I live with the issues at hand," the flyer says," citing topics like Destination Medical Center, taxes and affordable housing for his employees. "I saw my commercial real estate taxes double from 2016 to 2017. I am very concerned. I need your support, help, and most importantly, your vote."

During his brief stint on the council, Myhrom was known for his brash attitude — so much so that in 1994 he became the first council member in Rochester history to be censured by his peers.

According to newspaper archives, he told then-Council President John Hunziker to "kiss my ass." When another council member stated his intentions to support the censure, Myhrom called him "a puss."

Mayor's race

So far, only two candidates — musician Jordan Glynn and activist Regina Mustafa — have announced plans to run for Rochester Mayor this year.

But the big names said to be mulling bids remain on the sidelines.

Businessman Joe Powers told us this week he has not yet made a decision. "I am watching to see if we get candidates that will be focused on continued safety in our community and of course continued growth," he said via email.

Former DFL state legislator Kim Norton has not been shy about her intentions to run for mayor. However, per the terms of her Bush Fellowship, she cannot begin campaigning until the end of February.

And two council members, Nick Campion and Mark Bilderback, have expressed interest in the position — but neither has said much publicly about their future plans. Campion's Ward 3 seat is on the ballot in 2018; Bilderback will be halfway into his four-year term by November's election. 

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated Council Member Campion's ward seat. He represents Ward 3, not Ward 5.

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