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Pannekoeken searching for a new home

Pannekoeken searching for a new home

“We’ll be back” is the message from Tasos Psomas, owner of the Pannekoeken restaurant in downtown Rochester.

The longtime restaurant — located below the now-shuttered Days Inn hotel at 6 First Avenue Northwest — is set to close on November 11.

Psomas said he is confident that Pannekoeken will find a new home, preferably somewhere downtown. While he offered no specific timeline, Psomas said he has already toured a handful of potential spaces.

Pannekoeken, known for its pancakes and hometown atmosphere, has been a Rochester staple since 1986. It has been at its current location for 13 years.

Speaking to us Wednesday, Psomas said the decision to close is not by choice. The near century-old structure is slated for demolition. Psomas has long opposed the demo of the building — and even voted against a request to knock down the building as a member of Rochester’s Heritage Preservation Commission (he was the subject of an ethics complaint because of his vote).

“I have always championed historic buildings,” said Psomas. “They create space for small, unique businesses.” He added that he would have voted against the demo even if his business was not affected.

Future plans for the building remain unclear. A previous proposal had called for building a 16-story, mixed-use development on the site.

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