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Land purchase paves way for more parking at Forager Brewery

Land purchase paves way for more parking at Forager Brewery

Down the road, expect more parking at Forager Brewery.

Owner Annie Henderson recently teamed up with a neighboring business owner to purchase the land now occupied by Forager, along with several parcels of land along 6th Street Northwest. Under the $1.5 million deal, Henderson will co-own the land with Joe Peter of Joe's Auto Care.

The move, Henderson said, makes sense given the investment Forager has already made into the property. As landlord, she added, the business is now in a better position to make decisions about how best to use the space.

That means using nearby vacant land for additional parking. 

"It’s important for us … we want to have accessible parking," Henderson said in a phone call Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to the Forager property, Henderson and Peter now own real estate across the street of Sixth Street near Kwik Trip. Some of the land Forager had already been leasing as storage space.

"We just want to make the neighborhood better between the two of us," said Henderson. "Neither of us are moving anytime soon. This just gives people more reason to visit the neighborhood."

Noting that parking has been an issue since opening in 2015, Henderson said the extra space will be especially helpful in the winter. Parking is less of a problem in the warm-weather months, she said, partly because of an incentive program aimed at encouraging employees to walk or bike to work.

Cover photo: Forager Brewery / Used with permission

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