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Trump on tap? Rochester brewery ready to release 'Impeach Me' beer

Trump on tap? Rochester brewery ready to release 'Impeach Me' beer


Don't be surprised if those are the next words to come out of President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Rochester's Forager Brewing Company is having a bit of fun with Mr. Trump. The popular brewpub announced this week it will be unveiling an "Impeach Me" beer — "a sour, Cheeto-colored peach" brew dedicated to the 45th President of the United States.

The beer is part of a collaboration with Berlin brewmaster and former Rochester resident Erik Mell. Back in January, Forager head brewer Austin Jevne traveled to Germany and worked with Mell on the Impeach Me beer. It was first introduced at a small Berlin Craft Brewery named Vagabund Brauerei.

Photo courtesy Forager

Photo courtesy Forager

Jevne was impressed enough by the final product (or unimpressed enough by the president) to bring the beer back to Rochester. He and his team started brewing it again at Forager this summer, and this week began adding 600 pounds of peaches — or three pounds of peaches per gallon — to the recipe.

Reached Wednesday, Jevne called it "our chance to say something." But if you're offended, he added, "it's just a peach beer."

The beer will be released Sept. 9 for Foragerfest.

Cover photo: Beer not shown / Courtesy Forager


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