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Guest post: Your guide to becoming a speaker at next year's TEDxZumbroRiver

Guest post: Your guide to becoming a speaker at next year's TEDxZumbroRiver

There are so many great changes happening in our community, but behind every change there is a passionate person with an idea. There are passionate people with great ideas working to develop our community. There are passionate entrepreneurs with new product ideas. There are passionate physicians and researchers at the Mayo Clinic working on the next medical breakthrough. There are passionate people throughout the Med City and surround areas, filled with excitement and brimming with amazing ideas.

How do we share these ideas, locally and yet, also globally? How about by giving a TEDx talk? 

TED talks are a global movement. Last year, that movement came to Rochester with the 2016 TEDxZumbroRiver event. TEDxZumbroRiver is coming back to Rochester on May 18, 2017 and is looking for great ideas -- from you! -- to share with a local and global audience.

It’s the last call for local speakers for TEDxZumbroRiver. There are only a couple weeks left to apply to for a speaking opportunity before speaker applications close on December 31. Presenters at the TEDxZumbroRiver event are given the opportunity to not only share their idea to thousands across the globe, but also interact with the community in a unique, compelling way. 

Propel Your Message

Whether you have an idea to present that you’re passionate about or speak to a personal, thought-provoking experience, TEDxZumbroRiver is your stage. Presenting at TEDxZumbroRiver helps spread your message across the community and beyond. 

With an expected attendance of 1,000, not only will your message reach a local audience, after the event, the video of your presentation will be added to the TEDx video library, establishing your presence as a TEDx thought leader. Speaking at TEDx events has launched careers as well as taken participants to new professional and personal heights, opening doors and establishing connections. 

Experience as a TEDx presenter is not only a great opportunity for your message, it elevates your public speaking capabilities through speaker coaching and support. 


Speaker Coaching and Support

If you’re familiar with TED Talks, you know they are all in a very similar format with a very similar tone. The good news is, the TED Talk presentation style is not a prerequisite. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced public speaker or have only been on a stage once or twice. 

Presenters will receive the coaching and support needed to take their concepts and translate them for the TEDxZumbroRiver stage. Coaching and support staff will assist with timing, and provide strategies to position a concept for an efficient, thought-provoking presentation. From start to finish, presenters will have the support needed to spread their idea not only from coaches, but also from the community.

A Unique Community Opportunity

What makes TEDx events unique is the ‘x’. It signifies a community-driven event organized by people who simply want to create TEDx experience on a local scale. Presenters are an integral part of the event, making them an integral part of the community. 

TEDxZumbroRiver presenters will establish a new role in the community. It spurs connections and presenters will establish themselves as a local thought-leader.

How to Apply (Hurry, the Deadline is Dec. 31!)

Pick your pitch and refine your topic. Presentations can be on a wide variety of topics, are typically 3-18 minutes in length, and cannot be political, religious, or corporate. 

To apply fill out the short speaker application form on the TEDxZumbroRiver site. The deadline for submission is midnight on December 31, 2016. 

Applications will be reviewed and a handful chosen to participate in Pitch Night, on January 12, 2017 in Rochester. From there, final presentations will be selected for TEDxZumbroRiver 2017. Don’t be shy. Share your great idea with the rest of Rochester and SE Minnesota and even the world!

Amy White is a volunteer for TEDxZumbroRiver.

You can watch videos from last year's inaugural event here.

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