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The day-to-day duo: Meet Scott Sheldon & Kaci Graves

The day-to-day duo: Meet Scott Sheldon & Kaci Graves

When it comes to the day-to-day financial transactions of your business, there are two business bankers “in the know” that you’ll want on your team.

Scott Sheldon and Kaci Graves are two integral members of the Cash Management team in the Home Federal Business Banking department. Working together, this duo is who you want assisting your business with its day-to-day cash management and credit card processing needs.

“Interacting with clients and having them be pleased with our service drives my passion,” says Kaci. “Growing up in a family that owns a small business has given me that extra insight and motivates me to make day-to-day operations as easy as possible for each and every one of our business clients.”

Kaci is a main point of contact for many when it comes daily to Cash Management services. “The care and concern she shows for her clients each and every day makes a huge impact alone,” compliments Scott.

Scott is credited — pun intended — as the credit specialist on the team. According to Kaci, “There is no one better than Scott when it comes to merchant card processing. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help out our clients. Though I’ve been here just over a year now, I’m thankful to work with him and learn how to better help my clients each day.”

The business banking team is known for their relationship banking, and Scott defines their competitive difference as “focusing on client needs and being empathetic towards their business goals.” Scott continues, “We all genuinely care for our clients and share in their determination to meet their business goals. It is what sets these us apart from other banking teams.”

With Scott’s years of experience and Kaci’s small business knowledge, both of them have proven they are who you want on your team.

When this cash and credit team is not busy helping clients, Kaci enjoys snowmobiling (when the weather allows) and Scott enjoys bicycling, traveling, and meeting new people.

With Scott and Kaci on your side, your cash is in check and your credit needs are met. Get to know this ”day-to-day duo” by visiting Home Federal, and let them show you how they can help make your business banking easier.

This article is part of a series sponsored by Home Federal Savings Bank.

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