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Meet the cash expert named Rich

Meet the cash expert named Rich

As a 10-year (plus!) Home Federal employee, Rich Fakler has made his mark on the bank.

Rich began his career with Home Federal in 2006 as an Account Recovery Specialist. From there, he worked his way through positions of Business Services Representative, to Assistant Manager of Operations, to Cash Management Sales/Specialist and now he holds the title of Senior Cash Management Specialist since Sue Kolling’s retirement in April 2017.

Helping people manage their finances while they manage their business is what Rich does as a Cash Management Specialist. From assisting with business checking and savings accounts to fraud protection tools to credit card processing (and more!), Rich acts as the main point of contact for the Cash Management department — providing customized cash management products and solutions for your business.

Crediting much of his success to former Director of Cash Management Sue Kolling, Rich says, “Sue has been an amazing contributor to my success in cash management and I couldn’t thank her enough for her support and guidance over the years.” However, Rich plans to make waves of his own for his clients and Home Federal.

“I want to create peace of mind for my clients, and I can do so because of the relationship-banking mindset we all practice here at the bank. A business shouldn’t have to worry about who they are going to talk to, how their requests will be handled each time and if their request will be completed. My goal is to take care of my clients in a timely, accurate and professional manner.”

Not only is it peace of mind Rich wants to achieve for his clients, he also enjoys “putting a smile on their face. If I can make something they don’t like to do much easier for them, then I have done my job.” Building and maintaining relationships with his clients is what makes Rich successful at his job and thrive in the Home Federal working environment.

If you’re interested in starting a relationship with a cash management expert, reach out to Rich Fakler(because when it comes to managing your cash, who doesn’t want to work with a banker named “Rich”?!).

This article is part of a series sponsored by Home Federal Savings Bank.


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