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School design contest: Imagine your city in 20 years

School design contest: Imagine your city in 20 years

We asked students in grades K-5 at Rochester Public Schools to imagine what they want their city to look like in 20 years. No specifics. Just whatever they could create on a standard sheet of paper using art supplies they had at home.

The entries we received were nothing short of astounding. We want to thank each and every one of the students who participated in the contest. 

All of the submissions will be displayed at the Rochester Public Library from Dec. 21 through Jan. 8. Students are invited to bring their families in and show off their work. They can take home the artwork at that time if they would like.

The following were selected by the group as the winners of the contest.


1st place

Sally from Elton Hills Elementary ($150 gift card to Target)

2nd place

Cate from Folwell Elementary ($50 gift card to Target)

3rd place

Ben from Washington Elementary ($50 gift card to Target)

4th-10th place

(STEM toy - valued at $30 each)

Honorable mentions

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